Our goals here at Tremblay Apiaries LLC are threefold:

- To do the best job possible in caring for the bees and their environment. Animal husbandry is a 24/7 occupation and an enormous responsibility. Make no mistake, if it weren't for the beekeeper hovering over his hives, most of them would perish within a relatively short period. That is particularly true these days with two parasitic mites to deal with, plus antibiotic resistant foulbrood diseases, hungry bears, and the changing environment.

- To consistently produce the finest, most natural products we can harvest from the bees. To add value where possible and package and deliver the products to you in good order.

- To provide Customer Satisfaction. Without you, there is no business. If you are happy with our products, tell your friends. If you are dissatisfied, tell us and we will make every effort to solve the problem.

This is a small company. We sell what we can produce. Occasionally we run out of items, especially when Mother Nature only provides limited quantities. Sometimes we get behind on making the value added products, particularly during the zenith of the beekeeping season when we are out in the field day after day. Please be patient during these times. We will get it done as soon as possible, just remember the bees have to come first.

You may have noticed our new labels. We had some trouble with folks selling their honey with labels similar to ours in the same markets. So we took the plunge and made up our own design. Hope you like them!We try to be as careful as possible at all stages of preparation and shipping. Everything we sell is home-made. Some folks find this quaintness rather attractive.

We hope you will too! Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Alan Tremblay