Beeswax Candles

Our candles are 100% pure Beeswax. They burn brightly and for a long time if cared for correctly.

First, remember to trim the wick periodically. Soot may clump up at the tip of the wick and this is best removed to ensure a good burn.

Second, it is best to burn these candles for a good period of time each time. In other words, don't just light the candle for ten minutes, as it will barely get warmed up.

Third, it is very important to keep any candle out of a draft while burning. Drafts cause uneven burning on the side downwind from the draft which will lead to guttering of molten wax, usually all over something you really didn't want it on. If you must burn candles in a drafty location, invest in some inexpensive glass chimneys and place these over the candles. You will be surprised at the difference.


Rose Candle


Round Votive Candle


Honey Comb Candles

2x3 - $5

3x4 - $10

3x6 - $13

Honey Pot Candle


Buddha Candle


Carved Egg Candle


Square Candle


Angel Candle


Smooth Candles

2x3 - $5

3x4 - $10

3x6 - $13

3x9 - $19

Fern Leaf Pillar


Corn On The Cobb Candle


Taper Candles

Colonial Taper - $7

Round Taper - $5

Hexagonal Taper - $5