Orange Blossom Honey

Tasting Note: The lightest of amber, almost clear, our Orange Blossom honey has a very mild flavor, allowing the orange blossom to come through more fully.

Orange honey is great for jazzing up a vinaigrette or salad dressing. It's gentle sweetness and refreshing citrus notes are a welcome addition to a cup of tea. And when paired with butter and toast, our Orange honey is sure to brighten up your morning.


8 Oz. Glass Jar - $4

12oz Honey Bear -$5

1.5 lb Honey Bear - $10

1 lb Glass Jar - $6

2 lb Glass Jar - $12

4 lb Glass Jar -$20

12 lb (Gallon) Glass Jar - $50.00

60 lb (5 gallon) Pail - $210.00