Summer Flower Honey

Tasting Note: A medium amber, our Summer flower honey has a mild, refreshing flavor with a hint of lemon and herb thanks to the season's abundant supply of Joe Pye Weed, Knapweed, and Star Thistle.

Summer flower honey's bright and cheerful flavor makes it the perfect addition to a fruit smoothie in the morning, an afternoon cup of herbal tea, or an after-dinner cheese plate.


8 Oz. Glass Jar - $4

12oz Honey Bear -$5

1.5 lb Honey Bear - $10

1 lb Glass Jar - $6

2 lb Glass Jar - $12

4 lb Glass Jar -$20

12 lb (Gallon) Glass Jar - $50.00

60 lb (5 gallon) Pail - $210.00